De La Salle College Admission Test (DCAT)

The final batch of De La Salle College Admission Test (DCAT) is tomorrow, January 28, 2024.

Those Are Things That You Need to Bring:

Here are the things that you need to bring:
– Printed test permit (all pages) with photo attached (Short or A4 sized bond paper)
– Lead pencil (1 or 2)
– School ID

Other Reminders:

  • Be at the campus at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time
  • The exam consists of 280 items. Applicants have 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish the exam
  • You may also bring snacks and water, you will be given a 15-minute break in between the exam
  • You may bring jacket as the room temperature may be uncomfortably cold for some
  • Bring your test permit and school ID. Strictly no permit, no exam
  • As much as possible, do NOT fold your test permit
  • Applicants who missed their exam schedule may still take the exam during Special DCAT (based on last year’s guidelines; updates to follow)
  • Calculators are NOT allowed
  • There are no dress code. You are free to wear any comfortable clothes

Note: The Examinees are not allowed to leave the campus to purchase or to secure any item from companion nor will (DLSU) personnel deliver any item on behalf of companion

For more details refer to the , examinees and parents guide with your test permit .
for any questions , send email to (

Just a reminder to AVOID leaking the test questionnaires, or even the topics that were part of the entrance examination. By spilling them, it means you are giving them higher chances of nailing the exam, therefore, giving them higher chances of passing the school.

State universities have limited slots per program, not everyone who passed will be able to enroll to their preferred program.

You will compete there, if you tell them what the content of your inexam is, it is as if you are giving away the slot that you know should go to you! Good luck, everyone

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